TFV12 Prince by Smok Replacement Coil (3-Pack)

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Smok TFV12 Prince Mesh Coil
The Smok TFv12 Prince Mesh Coil is a 0.15ohm mesh coil that provides users with strong power and massive vapor production. Made for the TFv12 Prince Tank

Recommended wattage range:
0.15ohm: 40W-80W (Best: 60W-70W)

Smok TFV12 Prince Q4 Coil
The Smok TFv12 Prince Q4 Coil is a quadruple 0.4ohm coil made for flavor. This coil is comprised of 4 kanthal wires wound into a single coil, each with 12 juice ports, drastically reducing chances of a dry hit.

Recommended wattage range:
0.4ohm: 40W-100W (Best: 60W-80W)

Smok TFV12 Prince M4 Coil
The Smok TFv12 Prince M4 Coil is a 0.17ohm quadruple coil made for the TFv12 Prince Tank.

Recommended wattage range:
0.17ohm: 30W-70W (Best 45W-55W)

Smok TFV12 Prince Strip Coil
The Smok TFv12 Prince Strip Coil is the new, revolutionary 0.15ohm coil designed for the Smok TFv12 Prince Tank. It is made of Kanthal and a porous structure with a greater surface area for faster e-liquid absorption and even heating.

Recommended wattage range:
0.15ohm: 40W-100W (Best: 70W-80W)